Golf and Cars I woke

Golf and Cars
I woke up early to go play golf in 100 degree weather. Man, what’s wrong with me? Well, there are only a few things for which I opt to wake up early. One of them, is definitely golf. I know it’s bad, but sometimes I don’t even like waking up so early for Sunday service. I gotta change my attitude. I wonder what other people like to wake up early for. But it was so hot today and the weather just talked about tonight’s weather as being “uncomfortable”. Great. Um, one lesson learned today: When you’re hot and sweaty, never use toilet seat covers.

Hey, check it out. I’m the featured site of the week over here. And they also have some sort of rating system. I wonder how that works.

We could have made a rap video with all the fancy cars sitting in front of my house today. If you can’t tell, the blue and white one is a Dodge Viper and the red one is a Ferrari 360 Modena. Those 2 are worth the price of a condo. Sheesh. We were having our own little car show today. As my friend Rona put it, there was so much testosterone there. I don’t know if it’s just a guy thing. Do girls appreciate cars as much as guys do? The cars were so loud, especially when they revved the engines. I think they were disturbing the neighbors. If these cars don’t elicit speeding tickets, tickets for noise pollution or exhibition of speed would probably be in queue.

Talk to me, Goose.

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