Gong-gong and Po-po came over

Gong-gong and Po-po came over for dinner tonight. Mom made these scallops where you fry them on both sides. She learned that from watching the food network. The cooking station by day, Chinese station by night. I should watch it too, the food channel, that is.

Ok, so I’ve finally made some improvements on the aesthetics of this page. Now if only I can get the fancy comments thing to work. If you’re reading this, I’d like to read any comments or suggestions that you might have. Please use the Snorcomments window because the creator of this log doesn’t know how to work cgi comments.

Because I live the life of a student, my entries probably wouldn’t be as exciting as other people’s logs. Christmas is right around the corner. People have been asking me about getting presents. I’m not help because I’m not creative (or original for that matter). I say, always go with practical. Who wants a gift that you can’t use??? That’s my motto. Only a couple more weeks of school, yay! I can’t wait. Then it’s back to working full time during my month long vacation. (That’s to pay for all the PRACTICAL gifts that I will be buying for people.) Now to finish reading the assignments for class on adults and aging…

Talk to me, Goose.

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