H is for Happy New Year!

Happy 2011

It’s been a while since my last installment in my Project A-Z, so I figured I need to get going on it. My new year’s resolution is to complete the project…soon. :)

Nothing much going on today, just hanging out at home. I really enjoyed the holiday system in HK when I worked there (well, when we actually GOT a day off)–they usually get the day after the holiday off in addition to the holiday itself. It’s kinda like New Year’s Eve/New Year’s. You celebrate and then have an extra day to recover. We should have more of these types of holidays in the US.

Anyways, just wanted to thank you all who follow this site. I especially enjoying hearing from some of you in the comments. Don’t forget to keep in touch with me through twitter too! May this new year bring you exciting new adventures and awesome experiences. Happy 2011, you guys!

Image shot in bulb mode–thanks to Diane for holding the shutter release button.


Diane January 1, 2011 Reply

no problem! the quality came out really nice! i might try it tonight ;)18 more shots to go jen! ( i think.. 26-8..yes!)

Joey January 5, 2011 Reply

what does bulb mode do?

Jen January 6, 2011 Reply

Thanks Diane!

Bulb mode allows you to hold the shutter open by holding the button. so Diane let go of the button when I was done "painting."

Joey January 6, 2011 Reply

what does holding the shutter open do?

jen January 6, 2011 Reply

It lets light in so you can take a picture. That's what happens every time you push the button. The shutter opens, light goes in, and voila–a picture!

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