Hermit is my name, but

Hermit is my name, but you can call me anti
Check out this site that nut sent me called human for sale. It rates all your attributes and characteristics and gives you a monetary value that represents how much you’re worth if you were sold on an open human market. Funny that we all take these tests without reserve, just because they’re interesting. But when it comes time to compare results, people might take it too personally, even though we know that these tests are not scientifically accurate. We know that the results are not truthful in telling who we are, nor are they accurate, yet some still use the tests as a measuring tool of sorts.

I think it’s the same when people judge each other. We are clouded by our own assumptions that render our perceptions of people inaccurate. Lately, this has been happening to me way too often. I truly hate it when people criticize so hastily without basis or even attempts to know the truth. These are times when I find myself reverting back to my old self. Tired of dealing with people, wanting to live the life the way I’ve always wanted – that of a hermit. I come out to offer myself to people, yet I get attacked without provocation. My dream, as it has always been: to buy a tiny mountain, build a house at the top, and prohibit people on my property. I will come down from the mountain when I please, but will always have my house on my mountain as my private sanctum. That is what I wish.

Talk to me, Goose.

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