Holy Beetle, Batman!

Jet-powered VW bug takes to the street

Ron Patrick wanted a VW Beetle with a jet engine (hey, who doesn’t?). But he also wanted to be able to drive it on the open road, rather than just on a closed airport runway surrounded by fire engines and EMT crews. His solution?

jet beetle

A dual-engine vehicle, with a normal VW motor for day-to-day transportation, and a GE T58-8F helicopter turboshaft engine converted to run as a jet, to get through rush-hour traffic. All we know is we don’t want to be caught behind Patrick when he flips the switch on this one. That, and how much will he charge to add this little trick to our ride?

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penguingolfer89 March 14, 2006 Reply

Wowzers! Drives me off my seat! That's what I call rad, dude! I like totally like want one, oh man, so coool!

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