Hot and Humid

It hasn’t been that bad since I got here. I love those red eye flights where I sleep the whole way through. Sure makes the flights go faster. Too bad my light wouldn’t turn off, but the flight attendant was nice enough to put a plastic covering over the entire light panel.

I should have asked for those eye mask things. Then we can use them for games back home.

Anyways, will try to take some pictures and post them when I have time.


MissTeeTee June 29, 2007 Reply

lol, it seems like you have loads of energy to have fun :) good luck on ur vacation.

beej June 29, 2007 Reply

vacation? what vacation. I'm working.

MissTeeTee June 29, 2007 Reply

i know! i'm trying to be super careful with what i say.

MeenBauChewYan July 3, 2007 Reply

Funny the people you meet in the world. He is good.

I like the way he crosses the paths of people who share the same heart for tending his garden. Thanks for tending the garden with me. And thanks for caring for my little shepherd friend.

beej July 4, 2007 Reply

little shepherd friend…haha…that made me laugh.

Talk to me, Goose.

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