Too Much Chinese Food Already…

…and I’m not even in China yet!

I’m leaving for HK tonight. Guess what my last meal is…yep, Chinese food. I guess that’s what I get for eating with my family.  I really wanted Red Robin or Mexican food because I know I won’t be eating burgers or tacos anytime in the next 5 weeks.

Ok, blessings to all on the home front!


penguingolfer89 June 27, 2007 Reply

Sunday I got Red Robins my last burger, I got Zachary's on Tuesday tonite my last pizza, I got Vietnamese sandwiches for lunch, my last sandwich.

But, I'll be fine on bread and watermelon! We just learned about the bathrooms tonight…Hmm…

~KK June 28, 2007 Reply

Have a safe trip Jen! We'll miss you at the basketball games & at curch. =) Take care, ~KK

Meen Bau Chew Yan June 29, 2007 Reply

Don't be so silly. There's no such thing as TOO much Chinese food.

some girl June 29, 2007 Reply

hehe…thanks guys!

Joey June 29, 2007 Reply

i know EXACTLY how u feel…

i miss mexican food too… and pho…

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