I should update this page

I should update this page more consistently. I just spend too much time on the forums because they’re so fun!

I took Sonic in for an oil change and they washed and vacuumed too! But of course, Murphy’s Law upheld, it rained. Ok, so it was just a few sprinkles, but man, there hasn’t been any precipitation until now, the day Sonic is washed.

I was at the post office again today and was reminded that the US government can’t take enough of our money. Postage for a first-class letter is going up to 37 cents. Sheesh. That’s a pretty steep hike. I thought they usually only go up by a penny. I guess I thought wrong.

The RIAA has won another battle against those music sharing internet companies. This time, it’s Audiogalaxy. They’ve agreed to settle out of court and Audiogalaxy is supposed to stop allowing users to share copyrighted files. I’m sad because that’s where I would preview most of my worship and praise songs before I buy.

Forget Great America. I got to ride in a Dodge Viper yesterday. If you clicked on the link, don’t ask why I’m looking at webpages that are named, “for men.” I don’t. I just found the page through a search engine. Anyhoo, we took it out at around 11 at night and the car was so loud! I was suprised none of the neighbors complained. We were in a townhouse complex too, for that matter! Wow, it was pretty scary (and exciting!). No way did I dare drive it. But Hsin said that the viper scares him to death because there’s so much power. He said the NSX feels more comfortable to drive. Hmm…now I gotta try the NSX.

I’ve been using the free blockbuster coupon a lot. Saw Training Day yesterday. The first half of the movie was pretty slow, and the second half was okay. But, man, is Denzel Washington good at being bad or what? Towards the end of the movie, you want to see him dead. It just shows the caliber of his acting ability. No wonder he won an oscar for his lead role. I love Denzel, but I like him better as a good guy. I’m not used to seeing him play the villain.

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cheeken June 22, 2002 Reply

I dug Training Day. It was a remarkable, although violent, movie.As I was leaving the theater, I thought about the spiritual ramifications of the movie, and how it almost seems that Denzel is Satan to Ethan Hawke's humanity.Something to think about…

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