Pet peeve: Splitting the bill

Pet peeve: Splitting the bill evenly among the people in your party. Why do people do this all the time? Some people order drinks, others do not. Some order expensive entrees, others do not. (The worst is when some people order alcohol, while others do not.) Is it fair, then, to split the bill by the number of people that are present? Are people too lazy to calculate the tax and tip and divide it up so you can tell people how much to add on to whatever they ordered? When they do decide to split the bill evenly, is it okay to object? I mean, what’s the proper etiquette about this stuff? I’m a student. I’m not really working. I don’t want to pay double the amount of my order just because we’re splitting the bill. Am I just cheap? Agree with me or not, this is my place to vent. Sheesh. Next time: Separate checks.

Talk to me, Goose.

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