I understand now that I’ve

I understand now that I’ve been spoiled by the luxuries of technology. Cell phones, cable, and dsl. Now, I feel as though I’ve had a part of me amputated — I have no internet access. Alas, things are back to the way they were TEN YEARS ago… it will be a struggle to do my work, seeing that my professor sends the class readings via email. But yes, I understand I’m part of the small percentage of people in this world that has these luxuries. I’ve lived without internet once before, and I will get used to it once again. Thank goodness for friends who still have internet connections.


naomi October 4, 2002 Reply

Although I get to play on the internet I'm kinda in the dark too…don't have a dish washer or a cell phone, do have a DVD player tho.

beej October 4, 2002 Reply

wow, you're one of the few people that dont have cell phones. seems that everyone has them these days.

penguingolfer89 October 5, 2002 Reply

hey man i got no cell…or dvd player..or dish washer…well at my house i do but not here..

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