If you don’t like cleaning,

If you don’t like cleaning, try using this. It’s so fun watching all the scratches and scuffs on your wood disappear!

I haven’t watched this much tv in a while. I had to switch between Survivor and Friends, then between CSI and Will And Grace. Man, why do they have to pit these shows against one another? If only they would spread them throughout the week, then maybe they’d be the number one shows for during their own time slots. Why compete? Must they all cram all the good shows into one night?

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penguingolfer89 September 28, 2002 Reply

i guess so i know what u mean i hate it also…i like to watch 7th heaven but then i know like golf was on and i had to switch channels what a bummer…

Michael September 29, 2002 Reply

I do like CSI

dj chuang September 30, 2002 Reply

the show to watch is ALIAS , Sunday nights, no broadcast tv competition..

Wordweaver October 3, 2002 Reply

I think you need to study up on the word Sanctified. You are in this world not to be like everyone else but to be an example of Christ, and to serve God. I know you would not catch Jesus watching T.V.(esoecially Will & Grace) Garbage in – Garbage Out. Think about it. I hope I have inspired you to write! Wordweaver

beej October 3, 2002 Reply

i agree, Jesus wouldn't be doing a lot of things i'm doing. maybe i should change this page to 'almost sanctified'.

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