Ip Man (Yip Man) Movie

I haven’t posted much on this subject, mainly because I keep much of this to myself, even in person. The only other place I remember where I’ve mentioned anything was on my “100 things about me” page. But as my friends and I watched this movie this weekend, I was reminded how this movie has a special place in my heart. I first watched this last year online on some Chinese site and was determined to buy this movie in the summer. I even paid extra for the DVD version (instead of the cheaper, lower quality, but more popular VCD). If you’re ever looking for a great kungfu movie WITH a good story line, go rent this.

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  1. it IS amazing! you can…

    1. get it from your cousin in HK

    2. watch it online, but I don't think they have it in english (no subtitles NOR dubbing).

  2. Hi Jen! I know this is digging up an old post, but when I searched for Ip Man, your post showed up in my customized Google results. Lizzy and I just watched this with some friends and we agree it was amazing!

  3. Hi Andrew! Glad you liked it! You should also check out Ip Man 2 (the sequel) and Ip Man: A Legend is Born (which is not part of the series).

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