When the teams got together, they couldn’t stop playing Mafia. Since I can’t access wikipedia from here, you’ll have to look it up yourself if you haven’t heard of that game. Here is a picture of everyone squeezed into one of our rooms playing Mafia. You can tell it’s pretty late at night because that one guy in the front is yawning. Of course, I did not play because I hate that game.


For my friends in sunny California who might be interested in what it’s like here:

Today’s forecast: sunshine, 95 degrees with heat index near 105F (which means it feels like 105), and 75% humidity (not as bad as HK).

Tonight’s forecast for 9pm: 86F, heat index (feels like) 95F.


JRY July 26, 2007 Reply

hey jennifer. I have a seven page essay that i haven't even started on yet. due tomorrow. One more crazy night and im free. woo hoo. btw the weather here isn't so sunny. pretty foggy and grey lately.

penguingolfer89 July 28, 2007 Reply

Nice, we played a new version of Mafia.

The weather in the bay is cold, wish I were still in heat.

sacrod July 29, 2007 Reply

suddenly sacramento weather doesn't feel so hot anymore…

penguingolfer89 July 31, 2007 Reply

Sacrod I agree Sacramento weather is nothing in fact I get cold my dad always has the AC on, no need fo it. In KG all we had were fans.

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