Elephant Trek

Chiang Mai, Thailand


Thailand was fun. Too bad everyone tried to speak to me in Thai because they thought I was Thai. So sad. No wonder everyone in China looks at me funny, probably because I don’t look Chinese. Anyways, I learned several phrases in Thai–one of which is “mai chai khon Thai”, meaning “I’m not Thai.”


Penguingolfer89 August 13, 2007 Reply

Looks like fun. Glad you had fun. I learned Russian and Kyrgyz, I should have learned how to say I don't speak Chinese and I'm not Dungan.

Joey August 13, 2007 Reply

wow that looks fun, i wanna ride an elephant

some girl August 14, 2007 Reply

@penguingolfer: hehe…you should learn more chinese then.

@joey: yeah, it was pretty neat. i heard our ride was better than the one in bangkok where you just go around a wall.

Nathan August 15, 2007 Reply

haha i thought the lady sitting in the front was my grandma for a second. anyways… yea… i think this elephant ride is a little bit better than one i saw at marine world.

some girl August 16, 2007 Reply

lady? you mean this guy?

marine world…ha! i totally wanted to buy more souvenirs with elephants on them.

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