Midweek Boarding I went boarding

Midweek Boarding
I went boarding yesterday (yes, midweek) with Jaime. It was awesome! Snow was good, mountain wasn’t very crowded, and we got cheap tickets! The weather was pretty nice. We experienced what Jaime calls “really dense fog.” So it was misty/sprinkling in the morning, but cleared up in the afternoon. We got so many runs in that we couldn’t count. Ok, now that I took the day off to play yesterday, I have a pile of work to do at home.

I finished “The Mark” and debated about starting the next book in the Left Behind series, “Desecration.” I couldn’t resist so I started yesterday. We’ll see how far I get. Why is it so much easier to read stuff you like rather than doing homework?

People have been visiting my page using the weirdest searches on Google. One came across my page with the keywords “death before Chinese new year” and the other got here by searching for “sanitary pad picture.” Hahaha….

Yay, I found out that I will be helping out with a research project at Berkeley….woohoo!

Oh, and GO MICHELLE KWAN!!! I think she deserves a gold this time…hopefully she can pull it off.

Talk to me, Goose.

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