My millionth email account

I got a gmail account. Thanks for the invite, Will.


cheeken June 16, 2004 Reply

Yeah, so I'm jealous. Have fun with your new giant email account. Meanie.

astrosexy June 16, 2004 Reply

Im jealous too!!! Anyways you could hook me up too! =P lol

sacrod June 17, 2004 Reply

hey, I got an evite for that… except I didn't utilize it. Maybe I should have…

sacrod June 17, 2004 Reply

oh… I just found out that gmail is a 1 gig account. Nice… I purchased yahoo pop access a while back, which just switched to expanding their online services to 2 gigs. Unfortunately… I still purchased it… :(

beej June 18, 2004 Reply

I wish gmail had pop access. How much is the yahoo one?

sacrod June 19, 2004 Reply

Yahoo is $19.95 per year. It still seems kind of pricey for me, but in the end, the convenience is worth it! :)

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