My own MT

Finally I have my own version of MovableType. My host had it preinstalled, leaving me with little control. I deleted all the sql tables, did a fresh install, and imported everything back, templates and entries.

Now I can fully customize this baby complete with plugins and hacks. I just can’t figure out why my archives are so fat. It’s late, the code is hurting my eyes.


cheeken November 9, 2003 Reply

Yay for you! MT freedom is the best kind of freedom!

sacrod November 10, 2003 Reply

MT is still giving me confusion. But oh well…

beej November 11, 2003 Reply

what's your confusion stemming from?

sacrod November 13, 2003 Reply

I think it's all of the script stuff… plus my impatience to want to figure things out. :P

Talk to me, Goose.

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