Added Lifestream Page

Don’t know why anyone else would be interested in this, but I like having this documentation of my actions all across the web in one place. It’s like the newsfeed in Facebook, but it’s my very own web lifestream page. I used David Cramer’s lifestream plugin for wordpress. You can download it here.

There’s also an entire wordpress theme designed around this whole lifestream thing called Agregado.

If you want to connect with me using some of these tools, get your hands dirty.

What’s this Twitter thing?

Am I the only one out of all my friends who uses Twitter? Maybe it’s because I’m the biggest internet geek I know or it’s because of my unlimited free texting that comes with my phone plan. Either way, there’s so much hype about it nowadays that I finally had to see why people like it so much. I signed up for an account a few months ago, but it wasn’t until these last couple weeks that I decided to give it a second look.

Here’s a good introductory video on what it is (from

I’ve included my latest updates under the “What am I doing?” section in the sidebar using Alex King’s Twitter Tools plugin for WordPress. I also use TwitterSync to make my Facebook status match my Twitter status.

People might be thinking “who really cares about that kind of mindless trivia about your day?” but for the techie-types out there like me, here’s a good article about why twitter isn’t a waste of time.

Anyone else out there using twitter?