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I was playing this last night with some of my peeps. I can’t draw freehand, let alone draw with my mouse. I also realized how bad I am at guessing.



Anjelic April 21, 2004 Reply

I HATE isketch, the people are very rude!!! they cuss & make fun of the way you draw, just because they draw like pigs!

ane May 18, 2004 Reply

i love isketch cuz you can swear and make fun of people and have so much fun even tho i suck too

penguingolfer89 May 23, 2004 Reply

Does swearing make you feel good?

browniegrul October 23, 2004 Reply

ink link is fun! its not as fun as isketch but its fun

lozzo November 4, 2004 Reply

does any one know what has happened to isketch?? i can't get on the site.

Funzo January 8, 2005 Reply

I don't know what happened, but i'd like to as well.

Talk to me, Goose.

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