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From my devotions for tomorrow (I peeked): What would happen if every preacher just preached...

From my devotions for tomorrow (I peeked):

What would happen if every preacher just preached about the person and character of God for an entire year–who He is, His attributes, His perfection, His being, the kind of a God He is and why we love Him and why we should trust Him? I tell you, God would soon fill the whole horizon, the entire world.

It’s weird, but for the past couple of weeks, I’ve found myself doing this more and more as I’m teaching my class. I was just talking to our pastor’s wife about this too. In our class, we go through each lesson but my focus has been on God himself (even if it’s not the point of the topic). I hope the kids see God coming alive as I talk about him. I’ve gotten some good questions from them too, as to why he does the things he does. So I guess they are trying to learn a little bit from me. But it’s a good reminder for us all to preach the person of God, then we can rest in His promises. Look who made them. I continue to pray for the kids–may God be real to each and every one of them.

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clint June 8, 2005 Reply

absolutely. in fact its this very topic that began a new phase in my walk with the Lord. I had been in a legalistic denomination, where they were the only saved people in Christianity, and thru being there 3 years I became so alienated to who the Lord was, all the focus was on me and what I was going to do, what I wasnt going to do, what the truth was, evidences, this that, till it finally became too much for me to carry and I about snapped.

one simple prayer changed the course of my life completely.

I was reading about Jesus and the woman at the well, at one point Jesus tells her "ye worship ye know not what: we know what we worship: for salvation is of the Jews "

I paused and said to the Lord, Lord I don't know you, I don't know what I worship, would you please reveal yourself to me?

I had no idea how powerful that simple question would be, nor did I have any idea how seriously the Lord was going to take it. from that moment He began to take care of me in ways I cant even begin to explain. But the overriding theme of it all, was and is HIM. Its not about me, its about HIM, its not about me being worthy of anything from Him, its not based on my performance its based on His love. Its based on His ability in my life. Its about His life in me, Its about allowing Him to shape me as clay in the potters hands, its about yielding to the Potters vision, its about laying at His feet like Marthas sister Mary did constantly.

For years the devil has had me looking at myself, and Gods grace has stepped in and lifted my head to see Him now.

Oh Lord you care so much about us, please continue to reveal yourself to us daily, we need it so desperately..

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