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Q: So why did you decide to make a Star Wars themed site? Are you jumping on the bandwagon becaus...

Q: So why did you decide to make a Star Wars themed site? Are you jumping on the bandwagon because of all the hype?
A: Partially, yes. But I’ve loved Star Wars ever since I was little. After watching it the first time, I wanted to watch it again and again. My parents recorded a lot of movies for us (yes, we had one of those illegal cable boxes that we bought from some door sales guy). But Star Wars was one movie we didn’t have. Remember how the movie starts out, before the scrolling text, you see the 20th Century fox logo with the lights and music playing? And the music continues into the Star Wars theme? Well, I remember that every time I heard or saw that 20th Century Fox logo/music, I’d watch to see if it went into the Star Wars theme music, hoping that the movie would be next.

Q: So it’s opening weekend, are you going to see the movie?
A: I’d love to watch it with all the other crazy fans that dress up in their costumes and cheer when their favorite characters comes on-screen. I had fun watching Episode V opening night when they re-released it into the theaters. But unfortunately, there are several things that a keeping me away from theaters this weekend:

  1. Money: Ok, not really, but do I really want to spend $10 on a movie? For this one, I wouldn’t mind.
  2. Time: I have time to watch the movie itself, but I don’t have time to wait in line for good seats. Which brings us to the next item…
  3. Seats: Opening weekend is way too crowded for me, and if I end up sitting too close to the screen, I’ll get sick. I’ll admit it, I’m weak. I have this problem with motion sickness. I can’t watch home videos, The Blair Witch Project, or go on those spinning rides. I watched the first 5 minutes of The Bourne Identity (where Matt Damon gets rescued from the violent storm) and I got sick. Sad, isn’t it?

Well thanks for taking the time to answer these burning questions from our countless readers. Now back to your regularly scheduled weekday programming of work or school.

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penguingolfer89 May 19, 2005 Reply

I'll just wait til it comes out, I wanted to do the 12:01.

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