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Check out the yellow sign in the third picture.

By the way, I haven’t gotten a chance to write this until now. From my “to do list” (as in A Walk to Remember):

Shoot a gun
Eat fresh sugar cane

Several weeks ago, I went to a shooting range with some friends. I shot a 9mm Glock, and two .45 caliber pistols. I was so nervous. My hands were so sweaty that I thought the gun would pop out of my hand every time I shot it. I brought the target home as a souvenir. I hung it up so it looks like there’s someone standing in my living room. A little scary, isn’t it?

I had a chance to eat fresh sugar cane in Canada when I was in 8th grade, but my mom wouldn’t let me eat it because I had braces at the time. I’m eating it for the first time right now and my jaws are getting a good work out.

Have you seen Missy Elliott’s Gossip Folks video? The little Asian girl is so cute! I didn’t know Asians can dance like that!

In news of the nerds, Google bought Blogger!


will February 24, 2003 Reply

wow, you shot a glock !!! i heard these guns have alot of re-coil and kick when fired. how was your accuracy with the target ? all you need now is a badge ! :)

beej February 24, 2003 Reply

yeah, i did pretty well at first, but then i started missing because i think i was anticipating the recoil. yeah, you can call me officer beej now…hahhaa…

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