Remember when the juiceman came

Remember when the juiceman came out? Well, my parents, more like, my dad, decided to bust it out and use it again. He handed me this glass of juice just now. He said it was made from one apple and half a carrot. At first, I was like, “yuck!”. But it wasn’t too bad.

I was talking to someone this weekend and I brought up the fact that I’m totally in love with this Jack Vettriano print. I have to get this for my new place, whenever I do get my own place.

Gary just started a weblog today and was saying how it’s going to be quite boring because there’s nothing to talk about. So, for Gary and others who don’t know what to write about in your blog, check out the topics blog.

Something random: I found this funny article about a Mexi-Canadian overpass.

Talk to me, Goose.

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