Resignation, from special ed?

I did it. I spoke with the boss lady today. I really hate talking to her. She cares for nothing...

I did it. I spoke with the boss lady today. I really hate talking to her. She cares for nothing but her business. Anyhoo, I sent in my formal letter of resignation. Feels kinda weird. I’ll leave as soon as I can turn over my clients to other therapists. I don’t want to leave the kids hangin with no therapy. I just feel really badly for the families because they’ve been through a lot recently. A lot of therapists left at the end of summer (and they left abruptly, leaving only myself to work with the kids). We got some new therapists on the cases and their schedules have finally stabilized, and now I leave. I guess this just comes at a bad time. Well, I guess in this line of work, any time is bad, to leave the kids.

So I won’t be working with autistic children anymore. I’m excited to see what God has in store for me. I gotta thank him for giving me this opportunity. It’s funny, whenever I want to take my life in a certain direction, the doors have usually been shut or I barely squeeze through. But when God wants me to go one way, the door is wide open. I realize I don’t trust him enough. I’m lame.


By the way, ever wonder where kids in the city go trick or treating? Try Union St. I went with one of the kids today. We almost went trick or treating in Armani and Bebe, but they didn’t have orange flyers like all the other shops that welcomed trick or treaters. Snobs.


penguingolfer89 October 31, 2005 Reply

Wow, it's really early or really late right now not too sure. If I write something stupid right now forgive me. I think I'm still in sleep mode, esp. on a school night.

Bad boss lady…:(

You loved the kids and loved working with them! But, it's so cool how He's opened up new opportunities for you. Just follow Him and He'll guide you!

But, I agree with you on the I realize that I don't trust Him enough statement. Maybe, that's why I'm not getting anywhere and always staying in the same situation wrestling with things. Even though he has given me many choices. I think I've gone my own way many of the times.

Man, Bebe and Armani!

.genesis ^ GoohWakJa November 1, 2005 Reply

Yeah, sometimes I realize I didn't trust him enough.

missteetee November 1, 2005 Reply

same. I don't have a strong enough trust for God sometimes, i feel like God has left. but He never left, He's always there.

Talk to me, Goose.

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