Scared girls

[20:11] me: [20:12] me: ok, you're never gonna get anywork done ...

[20:11] me:
[20:12] me: ok, you’re never gonna get anywork done
[20:12] me: haha
[20:13] Jerry: is this scary?
[20:13] me: it’s funny
[20:14] me: it’s tiffany and christina
[20:15] Jerry: awww that’s messed up
[20:15] Jerry: but it’s funny

It’s like a bunch of Tiffanys and Christinas.


penguingolfer89 April 22, 2005 Reply

Messed up! I agree!

missteetee April 24, 2005 Reply

that's so meanoh well but but the thing was funny

suki April 25, 2005 Reply

awww..those poor morning musume girls.. one was even crying. i'd hate to be that scared..

penguingolfer89 April 25, 2005 Reply

Yeah, who gets that scared, and cries?

Talk to me, Goose.

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