See my new babies. Well,

See my new babies. Well, ok, it’s just one of them.

Movie Weekend
For someone who doesn’t watch that many movies, I sure saw a lot this weekend. First off, we went to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I’ve never actually heard of it until CC mentioned that she wanted to see it. It was recommended by Jaime. For some odd reason, I wanted to see Blue Crush after watching this special on TV about the real life surfer girls about whom the movie was about. But anyways, my friend wanted to go see this wedding movie. So I agreed. Man, I loved it. I’m recommending this movie to everyone I know. It’s so funny. Go read the production notes on that website because it was produced by Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. I’d definitely watch this one again.

Then we got home later that night and watched my fav in Kiss of the Dragon. Woohoo! As if we hadn’t watched enough fighting sequences, we also watched Exit Wounds with Steven Seagal, which was actually a pretty good movie, if you don’t mind the blood. Funny how DMX and that fat dude were in both these movies.

The next day, just as we were about to leave, we started watching Dennis Quaid in Frequency. Oh man, another great movie. I couldn’t leave. We had to watch the entire movie. So many movies in just one weekend, and none of them were at all disappointing. I give all these movies my 2 thumbs up.

That’s enough movies to last me a while.

Oooh, look, I don’t need to waste money anymore. I can make my own tapioca drinks!

Talk to me, Goose.

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