Someone wrote in my guestbook

Someone wrote in my guestbook saying that this website’s colors are interesting for a spiritual person. Hmm….I wonder what they meant by that. Is it because black and orange are closely associated with, oh, I don’t know, some pagan holiday coming up? Or do they think that spiritual people are supposed to be clean and pure, represented by light colors? Blah…people who know me already know that I like to do things differently, JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. (By the way, in psychology, that’s what they call false uniqueness.)

Right now, I definitely need motivation to write.


sacrod September 26, 2002 Reply

hmm… I'm curious about what the person meant too. If this person meant what you thought, I think there's something suspicious about the judgment of one's spirituality based on the superficial association of something like colors. It's true that sometimes it's important to consider the historicity of those things we associate with… but sometimes it just doesn't matter. I used to draw rainbows all the time. I think rainbows are beautiful. Does that mean I'm gay? I also love rock music. Does that mean I love to have promiscuous sex and drink alcohol on a regular basis? For a spiritual person, it's interesting that I like rainbows and rock music…

penguingolfer89 September 26, 2002 Reply

o well orange and black are cool….

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