Sonic was violated today

I was awaken this morning and was told that my car window was broken. I knew they must have gone for my stereo. And sure enough, when I got outside, there was glass everywhere and my stereo was gone. It took me a while to file a police report and an insurance claim. Don’t they know I don’t have money to deal with this right now? Can’t they go steal from somebody else who has money to pay for all this? That stereo was a gift from Melissa, Chris, and Anthony. This stinks. You know what this says to me? WELCOME TO SAN FRANCISCO. Oh, and I got a pre-break-in gift. I had just left my house to leave for work when I saw the meter maid leave me a street cleaning parking ticket. If I had just moved it a minute earlier. I hate you all.

Maybe God knew what I had been thinking these last few days. I had just started working this week, and I was thinking about how to spend some of the money I’ll be earning. Now I don’t need to think about how to spend it, He just told me. I guess he just wants to remind me that things and money can just come and go and that I need to keep my priorities straight. Man, I hate being humbled by Him.

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  1. i doubt they'll find who did it. hsin said they probably live around here. so i was in the car the other day saying, "come on, where are you, punk"…. hahaha….. no worries, it happens. i pay enough insurance (remember i wrote about the premium increase?) so they're helping, i just have to pay the deductible…there's another question: if you pay so much for insurance already, why do you still have to pay a stupid deductible?

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