No matter how high I turn up the heat, or how long I leave the heater on, it still doesn’t feel warm to me. What’s the deal? I wonder if I have cement underneath, since I’m on the first floor. Maybe it’s the draft coming through from underneath the bathroom sink.

Side note: Sacrod has suggested I do my thesis on why people blog. Interesting topic, don’t you think?

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  1. sounds like the draft is moving the warm heat away, grab like a rolled up towel to block the cold draft from entering…hopefully it will work.btw, very cool idea for a thesis from Sacrod, you should go for it, google might even be able to sponsor it !!! :)

  2. hi there… nice blog you have here… i surfed in off of blogger's most recently updated list.i think that that is a super idea for a thesis, it would be interesting to read. i did a major paper on adolescent bloggers in december, and am thinking of perhaps doing my thesis this fall on something similar.

  3. The thesis does sound really neat. Some other ideas or sub-ideas in the same theme:Blogging as substitute conversationOr something with personality types and blogging styles

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