Spotify Invites

So I’ve been playing with Spotify, the new music service that will let you stream all you want from a library of 15 million songs for free (for the next six months, after which it will be capped at a limited number of hours TBD). But to add features, like listening to music on the go, you have to pay a monthly fee. What’s cool is that you can integrate your own tracks with their library, share your playlists, and even collaborate on playlists with your friends.

Grab your free invite here. It usually takes an hour or two for them to send it over. If that doesn’t work, leave a comment and I’ll try to get one to you–I have a few of my own.


Eddie July 18, 2011 Reply

Do you have a Spotify free code?

kevin July 18, 2011 Reply

can i get a code please? i lost my music and pandora isnt cutting it =/

Jen July 18, 2011 Reply

Hello gentlemen,

Looks like people are getting invites easily through that link I posted. Have you tried it? Have fun!

Talk to me, Goose.

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