Still suffering

Back is still killing me. It just feels weird, like there’s something stuck in my backbone.


rona June 1, 2004 Reply

hi beejie! i was catching up on your journal and happenings. i can't believe you wrote "virgin" on one of your journal headers!?!! :O gasp! haha :D anna's car is SO HER. :) i hope your back feels better soon. i suffered from backpain this wkend too cuz we were weeding our backyard for the first time since we moved in. :P i hate yard work. yuckie bugs. :P anyhoo, i love you!!! :)

sacrod June 3, 2004 Reply

go see a doctor! Back pain is horrible :(. Or try acupuncture!

Hope you're feeling better soon!

Tigress Woods June 7, 2004 Reply

Thanks for all your well-wishing comments. I think it's just part of old age. Hehe…I am definitely beginning to feel more and more physical ailments.

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