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If you're reading a single article, you'll see a link on the right column where you can click to ...

If you’re reading a single article, you’ll see a link on the right column where you can click to subscribe via email. You’ll be notified everytime this site gets updated. You should also check out subscribing to the RSS feed. Please let me know if something doesn’t work right, thanks.



Chris November 10, 2005 Reply

Cool… although isn't that similar to the "Notify me of followup comments via e-mail" below?

I'm scared of that option though.. another site that I visit provided the option.. but now I hear about every comment and every sniff on every post.. it's so bad that gmail thinks it's spam!

beej November 10, 2005 Reply

The one below is for comments only. The one on the right is for posts/updates. No worries here. Sadly, because I don't get too many comments.

penguingolfer89 November 11, 2005 Reply

I'm subscribed to the comments one. Um, you get way more comments than most people! ;)

Chris November 11, 2005 Reply

I concur… you get a decent number.. and do have a religious group of readers… if only Chris could say the same about himself.

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