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First day at the new job. First thing that went on was the Monday morning prayer meeting. It's gr...

First day at the new job. First thing that went on was the Monday morning prayer meeting. It’s great. Who gets to go to work on Mondays and the first thing they do is pray? During the meeting, they mentioned that I was a turning point, going into full-time ministry. Even up until today, I didn’t fully realize that I have just crossed the line into full-time ministry work. I guess that phrase didn’t occur to me. Maybe because I’ve always thought that full-time ministry meant working as a pastor, youth worker, campus minister, urban or overseas missionary. I have to raise funds for my salary. People are more willing to give money to a someone who will be working oversease rather to someone who will be working mostly in the Bay Area, like me. But if you want to partner up with me in this ministry, feel free to donate, supply things that might be helpful for my job, or if you want it to count as a tax deduction, wait for my prayer letter. Want other ways to partner up? Invite me to make a presentation at your group or church. You can also help me pray for

  1. smooth transition for the kids I was working with
  2. support from my family as I share my career move with them
  3. good team experience, spiritual encouragement and growth as I enter full-time ministry


I watched Kingdom of Heaven this weekend. I agree with what Sacrod said about how there are huge gaps in the character development, but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

official mascots of the 2008 Olympics
From The Guardian’s news blog:

What are they? Have the Pokemon been spawning the love children of Astroboy? Have five boddhisatvas turned up in Beijing as strange little manga aliens?

No, they’re Bei Bei, Jing Jing, Huan Huan, Ying Ying and Ni Ni – the five official mascots of the 2008 Olympics, unveiled earlier today in a grand ceremony in Beijing…

Why do the Chinese always use dolls to market/promote events? Hmm…


penguingolfer89 November 14, 2005 Reply

Wow! Awesome first day! Hope you have more great days to come.

I saw those dolls in the SF newspaper on Sunday interesting things. Kind of scary, tho.

sacrod November 15, 2005 Reply

Hey Jen! Glad to know that your weeks of working are doing OK! Sorry again that I can't make it on Saturday… I meant to write you back sooner, but then I thought, I should probably look at my calendar first… then I looked at my calendar and realized that time flew and we already have that event during the weekend…

Anyways, thanks for calling though. Talk to you later!

missteetee November 16, 2005 Reply

These dolls look familiar. I remember seeing them somewhere.

Talk to me, Goose.

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