My Favorite Things: Portable Steamer

I have never liked ironing clothes. I’d rather just wear my clothes all wrinkled than go through an iron a pile of clothes. And I’ve never been good about folding my clothes right out of the dryer.

So one of my favorite things I own is a handheld fabric steamer that I bought exactly 2 years ago. I absolutely LOVE this thing and use it all the time. You just fill it up with water, turn it on, and wait a few minutes for it to start steaming. Just start steaming your clothes, and wrinkles go away like magic.

This was a life changer. My only regret is that I didn’t get one sooner.

Amazon’s Best Books of 2017

Books, books, books!

Amazon released its list of Best Books of 2017, complete with editors’ picks and gift ideas. I’m excited mostly because I’m always looking for book recommendations. As I retweeted Trip Lee:


I don’t usually buy books as gifts (I did before when I was working with students). I never know if people will read it or if they’ve already read it. I rarely buy books any more, already have too much stuff. I usually just borrow from the library.

So, what other books do I need to put on my ever growing list?