Baby on Board

I guess there’s really nowhere to put that small “baby on board” sign that people place in the back window of their cars to encourage safe driving. I can’t imagine my sister biking around like this with Abby. Image taken while I was riding my bike. I don’t really like it because it’s slightly blurry. I suppose I should have adjusted my settings a little better. Narnia (Beijing, China. 2010.)

photo-biking in china

I’ve spent the past 5 summers with students in China. I don’t shoot as much as I usually do because I feel like I’m “at work” and need to make sure the project is going well and that everyone’s doing well. That’s probably why I’ve posted very few pictures from China here on the blog. Anyways, my colleague Dan (who’s a great photographer) did a good job of setting aside time to shoot. He found a migrant neighborhood across the railroad tracks from our school….Continue Reading “Photo-biking in China”