Google Chrome Beta Download (Windows Only)

Edit: Sept. 3, 2008
me: i miss my adblocker
joey: it has adblock
joey: doesn’t it
joey: o wait it doesn’t
joey: lol it doesnt’ block google ads

oh, and type about:internets into the address bar to get a fun little animation.

If you haven’t heard the news, Google released its own browser today. Google Chrome – Download. Anyone try it out yet? You can check out the comic book or more features in video form.

IE: stupid or superb

Joey: internet explorer is the stupidest browser ever madde
me: nice
me: haha
Joey: there’s so much stuff that works on other browsers but not IE
me: yep
me: johnny doesnt think so
Joey: and now there’s little button that works on IE 6 but not IE 7
me: neither does my friend hsin
Joey: what the heck
Joey: lol
Joey: yea that’s stupid enough already
Joey: but how can smth work for IE 6
Joey: but not IE 7
Joey: that’s just ridiculous
me: haha
me: tell that to johnny

Johnny: That’s because IE7 is superb when using for work and Os related uses.  All the other browsers have problems when downloading drivers and updates.

What do you think? Anyone out there trying the new IE8 beta?