Huge Firefox banner for IE users

Everyone using Internet Explorer to view my website will now see a huge firefox banner. If you are already using firefox, it will not be in your way, you won’t see it. I love firefox and I want all my friends to start using it. Go get it now! It’s sooo much better than IE.


penguingolfer89 March 15, 2005 Reply

Great! So I'll still beable to see post, though? I would be using it if I didn't break my laptop…

fuzzy_logic March 15, 2005 Reply

Tried your site in IE but the banner didn't show up. But I was using the Mac version of IE so that could be the problem.

I like your site (both design and writing) but I think you can come up with a better header image.

Keep up the good work!

penguingolfer89 March 16, 2005 Reply

Aww, I like your header image!

Dirk October 12, 2005 Reply

Hello. I was trawling the interweb for a fun way to propegate firefox and you definately have the way. With you permission I would like to take the code for my new blog layout. If you would not like me doing this, or even better would like a link-to on my blog, send me an email or comment and I will follow your instructions.



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