IE: stupid or superb

Joey: internet explorer is the stupidest browser ever madde
me: nice
me: haha
Joey: there’s so much stuff that works on other browsers but not IE
me: yep
me: johnny doesnt think so
Joey: and now there’s little button that works on IE 6 but not IE 7
me: neither does my friend hsin
Joey: what the heck
Joey: lol
Joey: yea that’s stupid enough already
Joey: but how can smth work for IE 6
Joey: but not IE 7
Joey: that’s just ridiculous
me: haha
me: tell that to johnny

Johnny: That’s because IE7 is superb when using for work and Os related uses.  All the other browsers have problems when downloading drivers and updates.

What do you think? Anyone out there trying the new IE8 beta?


usurbrain August 28, 2008 Reply

Firefox is the major suck…. you have to configure everything and definitely not useable right when you install it. Firefox crashes consistantly with everything that I use for web software as a realtor. I HATE FIREFOX!!!!!!! No one has shown me why firefox is better….

jaimeeeeeeeeeeeeee August 31, 2008 Reply

stop talking so nerdy! :)


usurbrain September 1, 2008 Reply

75% of users use IE… I just heard that on the news… are you going to use the new Google Chrome?

some girl September 2, 2008 Reply

that's because it comes with windows and they don't know about anything else. have you tried Google chrome? of course i'm gonna have a looksy!

BarkTop September 3, 2008 Reply

There is no equal to FireFox, although Opera would be the closest. The majority of people use IE because it is bundled software that comes with their OS. There are thousands of features and addons for FF that IE does not have. But Microsoft has been hard at work trying to play catch up with FF the last couple of years. Also 99% of all viruses/worms are specifically aimed at IE users while FF users are unaffected.

FF is not that complicated, but if you don't have the intelligence to know (or learn) how to use it, you are probably better off staying with Internet Exploder ;) The same way Linux is superior to Windows, but most people don't possess the intelligence to know (or learn) how to use it.

I haven't downloaded Chrome yet, but from what I see it is a very simple design (Google likes to keep things simple) which means without being loaded down with a lot of extras, it may have blazing speed.

I will check it out, but I love my FF addons too much to ever give them up!

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