The Dot, Plus, and Googlemail Gmail Hacks

The Dot, Plus, and Googlemail Gmail Hacks

Here are some neat things regarding Google’s email I’ve found recently. They might not be new, but I think I need to jot them down here so I won’t forget these tips. These hacks could be helpful for fighting or tracing spam. The Dot Apparently, Gmail does not recognize the dot (or capitalization either) in … Read More

Geek gifts and Bond

Hmm, my page had a breakdown yesterday.  The only thing that would load was the background.  I contacted Dreamhost and they fixed it.  Apparently there’s some trouble with wp-cache turned on when you upgrade to PHP 5.1.2.  Now if only I can get my page to load faster…WordPress plays kinda slow with Dreamhost. +- Look, … Read More

Communication tips

I’ve set a personal record: I’ve worked in an office environment for half a year now (6 months exactly next week).  So here’s a few things I’ve tried to do recently. If I’m sending an e-mail that absolutely HAS to be perfect before it goes out, I leave the address out of the “To” field. … Read More