Mission: Best Buy

Ok, this one’s for my boys. I love them to death, but they need some work on learning how to play pranks on people. Some tips that come to mind:

  1. Do not conspire in public or talk about doing a prank in front of the people you’re prankin’ on.
  2. Don’t do anything while the prank-ees are there, especially when they’re inside sleeping while you’re busy banging on things outside.
  3. Do not bring up events when you’re not “supposed to know” anything.
  4. When throwing things, make sure you can see.

Good times.  They make me laugh.  Here’s an example of an elaborate prank. 50 people in Best Buy look-alike uniforms invade a Best Buy store. It’s a long post, but amusing indeed.

One Comment

penguingolfer89 May 10, 2006 Reply

Haha, nice. Let's invade Target!

Yeah, I love how the boys prank us. I love the whales and banging!

Talk to me, Goose.

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