I used to travel quite a bit in my last job and accrued some random airline miles here and there. I couldn’t keep track of how much I had and where they were until I found out about Awardwallet.com. It’s a free site that tracks your balances in one convenient place and even alerts you if your miles are going to expire. Although you might want to manually check once in a while, because I had some Jetblue credit expire on me. You can get…Continue Reading “Award Wallet”

I almost titled this post: Barack, the baby killer? But before I get into that, check me out: There’s a little quiz at glassbooth.org that helps you find out which presidential candidate most closely aligns with you. I don’t usually post about politics much here, probably because I’m not much of a political person.  But for the presidential election, I can’t decide which is the lesser of evils. Both candidates are far from perfect.  As you can see, I’m pretty evenly divided. Of course, I…Continue Reading “My Glass Booth”