Web stuff for a living?

D: procrastinating doing some work on somebody’s website
BEEJ: it must be different when you’re not working on your own
D: yeah, it’s different when it’s a job.
D: i’m getting to do a little PHP scripting though, so that’s mildly interesting.
BEEJ: that’s cool
BEEJ: you write everything yourself?
D: i probably *should* have cribbed somebody else’s work
D: but yeah, i hacked it together myself.
D: it’s not that complicated — it does a tiny bit of checking

Not that complicated? I want to do so many things with this site. Too bad I don’t know how to code. I’ve set up certain blog tools and a couple of other web apps but that doesn’t mean I understand how it works. I wish I knew more. There’s so much more to learn out there. I wonder if I would have this same eagerness to learn if I were doing this for a living.

Talk to me, Goose.

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