Move Window Buttons Back to the Right: Ubuntu 10.04

This is mainly for my own documentation. I’ve already had to do this twice when I was playing around with different themes. Standard Ubuntu 10.04 has the window buttons on the left (like on a MAC), but I think I still prefer to have them on the right.

Open a terminal (Applications > Accessories > Terminal), and paste the following command:

gconftool -s /apps/metacity/general/button_layout -t string menu:minimize,maximize,close

Magically the window buttons will be back in the “right” place.

Hasta La Vista, Vista

Since I sold my XT at the end of last year, I was forced to get some bigger memory cards. My brother joked that his phone had more memory than my camera. Sad, I know.

And I started shooting in RAW this year, so hard drive space has become an issue. I’ve moved most of my old images off to an external hard drive, leaving only the most current files from this and last year on my computer. The good news is, I finally got rid of Windows Vista from a triple boot and reclaimed the space for my images.

The process was fairly easy.

  • Download and install EasyBCD to restore the XP bootloader
  • Use a partition editor (I used gparted in Ubuntu) to re-size the partitions
  • Check the flags column to make sure something other than Vista was set to boot
  • Unmounted and delete the Vista partition
  • Re-size the share drive and reclaim the unallocated disk space
  • Hit “apply” and wait…for what might seem like an eternity

Everything’s fine now with my dual boot setup: XP and Ubuntu. Except I might need another external drive at the rate I’m shooting.