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I’m a little sunburnt from spending the day at The Call in Candlestick Park. I had a great time of prayer with Anna. We prayed for everything and anything. I realized that even though I may not come in direct contact with a lot of people out there, I am still able to pray for them. This may sound selfish, but I guess I rarely take the time to pray for people such as the homeless, people who practice witchcraft, or even the people of Israel. May God hear our prayers that were lifted up today.

I took some pictures today too, but since I moved, I can’t find the USB cable for my camera so I can’t upload the pics…boo.

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  1. that's great you lifted the bay area and the world in prayer, we need it now. how many people made it out there that day ? some folks at church attended but i didn't get a chance to talk with them on how it went.

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