The Olympic Spirit in SF

Boy was the spirit of the Olympics ever-present at the Torch run protests today! Everyone showed strong team participation and competitiveness. Check it:

Team China:
Team China

Team Tibet:
Team Tibet

Team Burma:
Team Burma

Team Darfur (represented by the green balloons):
Team Darfur

Team Vietnamese Fisherman:
Team Vietnamese Fisherman

Team Friendlies (yes, that’s what the Mascots are called):
Team Friendlies

Team Lion Dancing:
Team Lion Dancing

Team Fudan (represented by the blue flag-i have to give a shoutout to the university where I was last summer):
Team Fudan

and my favorite, Team Athletes:
Team Athletes

Where did all these people come from? How did they start “cheering” on their respective teams? Where were they before all this? Are they JUST starting to protest now? I felt a little left out, like I should have been holding a sign or something.

Here’s my chat with Melissa after we left:

Me: I just bought sek lau jup (guava juice from a store in chinatown)
Melissa: I just bought a mocha
Me: guess that means I’m pro-China and you’re pro-America.

Can I just be pro-people?

Side notes: My pictures are pretty horrible here. For better pictures, see Scott Beale’s post and Rockbandit’s flickr set.

This was also the first event that I used Twitter. With the torch route so unpredictable, it was awesome to get real time info/updates from folks all around the city, especially @laughingsquid.


gar April 15, 2008 Reply

Great pics! Jaime said I should check yours out.

some girl April 16, 2008 Reply

hehe…it was pretty crazy out there. i wonder how many people out there even knew where tibet, darfur, burma are…

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