Protesting Violence using Violence?

Torch Relay Logo Update: By the way, read about what China is saying about the torch relay here and here.

The Olympic flame landed in SFO today around 3:40am. There have been so many protests already. Being Chinese American, I am proud of China’s rise in power and prominence, but at the same time, I am dismayed at all the controversy surrounding the Olympics. I don’t condone China’s civil rights record, but c’mon people, when you try to bum rush the torch bearer, you are doing exactly that which you are protesting against. I wonder what

I’m also proud that my city will be the only North American city to host the torch relay. The current published route (IF it’s not cancelled) has the Torch ceremony beginning at 1 P.M. tomorrow in McCovey Cove and finishing up at Justin Herman Plaza. (SFGate Map of Torch Route), but the route could change up to and even during the relay, said Mayor Gavin Newsom. Even with all the protests, China vows to continue the relay. I’m tempted to take a day off tomorrow, but I don’t want to fight the crowds. Anyone out there going?


jaimeeeeeeeeeeeeee April 8, 2008 Reply

i'm going to have a "late lunch" tomorrow…. :) justin herman plaza seems like the place for our sf outings… pillow fights/torch ceremonies… all the same apparently! :)

some girl April 8, 2008 Reply

hmm, a late THREE hour lunch? haha…take pictures for me with your stealth 1" x 1" camera!

justin herman plaza is the happenin' place in SF!

jaimeeeeeeeeeeeeee April 9, 2008 Reply

not a 3-hour lunch! i'm going to have lunch at 3pm, hopefully i'll get to see some action. hahahah! :)

Angie Chang April 9, 2008 Reply

I'm Taiwanese with DPP parents so that kind of influences my view of the torch relay, but I feel bad for both sides really. It sucks to be Tibetan, and it also sucks to be Chinese because your country of much pride is being criticized to HELL right now. I can totally see why the red flags are out in numbers in SF right now, being there are so many Chinese in SF.

My friend and I were checking out this WP theme the other day, so I'm very amused and happy to see someone using it!



some girl April 9, 2008 Reply

Hey Angie, thanks for stopping by.

It seemed like EVERYBODY and their mothers were out, yelling about something. One guy next to me (part of Team Tibet) claimed victory because the torch never made it to its "planned" destination. It was unfortunate for those who just wanted a glimpse of the torch, apart from the politics.

Yeah, no time to make my own theme so I resorted to using an "out of the box" theme.

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