The Oscars

We watched the Oscars tonight. It’s always fun to watch it with people and comment on everything. One of the things that was instituted was a 5-name rule. Thank goodness, because for the viewers, that’s the worst part of watching the show.


sacrod March 24, 2003 Reply

yeah… I think the Oscars this year was pretty interesting. Steve Martin seemed kind of nervous, but I think he did a good job at alleviating the tension when that guy spoke out against the war and got all those Boos from the crowd. An interesting side note: at the end of U2's song, Larry Mullen (the drummer) played the drum part to the song, "Sunday Bloody Sunday."

beej March 24, 2003 Reply

yeah, we had the tv on, but we werent paying that much attention to it.

penguingolfer89 March 24, 2003 Reply

I thought you gave up TV?But, u watched the Oscars?Yeah U2 was good..

beej March 24, 2003 Reply

no TV after 10, cuz i'm supposed to do my quiet times.

penguingolfer89 March 24, 2003 Reply

ahh duh i get it…lol…me stupeed…

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