The ultimate game desk

For all the guys…

All I can say is…whoa. rockforte

Read about it here


penguingolfer89 October 10, 2006 Reply


Ray October 10, 2006 Reply

nice…but could be better. :)

no mouse?

no USB controller?

does the steering wheel include padded shifters?

need a surround sound chair with vibration.

and last….the screens on the 2 sides should be turned like the racing games in the arcades.

and it would be nice if the table has a keyboard sliding thingie.

and then that would be sweet but I also won't be able to afford it. lol

thanks for sharing jen

some girl October 11, 2006 Reply

ray, why you so critical about it? you wouldn't be happy if that were in your room?

Talk to me, Goose.

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