A’s win division series…finally.

A's win division series...finally.
First time since 1992…it's about time.  Now if only the Raiders would get their act together.

*Edit (Oct. 7, 2006): I saw this today on the SFist

Niner Fans–The kind of football fans who drink wine before games

Raider Fans–The kind of football fans who are usually associated with the words "out on parole"

Conclusion–Raiders take this one because–Wine drinking and football are two things that should never go together

Muahaha….too funny.  I can't help but be an Oakland fan growing up a ghetto girl.


penguingolfer89 October 6, 2006 Reply

Woohoo! A's are the best!

steve October 8, 2006 Reply

That's such a beautiful picture! *wipes happy tear from eye* ;)


(I'm trying really hard not to get my hopes up…haha)

Thanks a lot for the hookups with resources and stuff; I'll definitely keep that in mind!

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