Want to stay BFF?

WARNING: this post contains unsolicited advice and bountiful discontent:

Remember your friends. Make an effort to hang out with them. Don’t ditch them just cuz you’ve found your ONE.

I really hope I listen to my own advice. But it doesn’t matter, by that time, I won’t have any more friends. I’d make Kennis proud because I would have finally lived up to my nickname of “the hermit.” Actually, I’m pretty much there already. Yay.

What about initiators vs. people who just go along with whatever. Only hang out when the initiator sets something up or calls. When do they ever call or ask you to do something. Do initiators get tired of initiating? Heck ya.

How about generally speaking, can friends have expectations of each other? What happens when those expectations are not met? Can you bring it up to them or is it just petty and selfish? I’ve had a conversation about this with someone else who was going through this. Sucks to be us. Maybe we just care too much.

I think of Jesus when he was praying in the garden of Gethsemane right before his crucifixion. I wonder how disappointed he must have been to find his closest friends asleep during his most troubled hour. Speaking of all this, I think I need some prayer for myself. Lots of things to pray against (discontentment, anger, bitterness, jealousy, rage-wait, not there yet) and lots of things to pray for (patience, joy in my circumstances, continued love for the people around me, and eyes that fix upon the One who provides peace which transcends all MY understanding).


zhart124 May 2, 2006 Reply

awwwwww, r u okay jen?

penguingolfer89 May 2, 2006 Reply

Awwws….Don worries I'm here! Hehe. I hate guys! So let's see single forever, yeah! I got into my mistake when I my friends started dating, I got jealous and wanted that too and I got in trouble for that. Gotta give it to God.

I be prayin!

beej May 3, 2006 Reply

Thanks. But I think you're missing my point. It's not about guys. It's about friends and what you do with them. Thanks, much prayer is needed.

Jerry Yee May 3, 2006 Reply

I would like to initiate, but no one likes to do the stuff that I like to do. Mario tennis or baseball anyone?

JerryNFremont May 3, 2006 Reply

Ooops… whoever that last guy is… I think he meant that as a joke… who plays Mario games anymore anyway!?

penguingolfer89 May 3, 2006 Reply

Ummm Mario all the way! Esp Mario party!!! woot woot!

zhart124 May 3, 2006 Reply

i'd go baseball

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